Friday, December 21, 2012

What Game do YOU want Reviewed?

I didn't think my luck could possibly be this bad, but it is.

Once I finished work on Thursday, I noticed my car was stalling. I had to take it to my local mechanic, Quenzel, to get it fixed. The next morning I find out that he is backed up with repair jobs and won't get done until later today. Meanwhile, I need to get to my father's house, get my Xbox 360 running, get a copy of Far Cry 3 to review, and make a video. I walk ten blocks to the local Shop Rite grocery to see if their red box has a copy. It didn't. I walk to the local K mart to just buy a copy. They don't have. So when my Mom gave me a ride to my Dad's house, she takes me to the one in Mullica Hill, which doesn't have it either. I decide that now would be a good day to make those multiplayer videos for Black Ops 2 that I never got around to. I just needed to fix my Xbox 360. So I get to Dad's, turn on Youtube, and follow the Eric the Car Guy video on how to fix your Xbox 360. So I take my Xbox apart, follow the instructions up to the point where they tell you to re-flow the solder (I don't have a heat gun), and I try my Xbox 360. I didn't break it, but the video still doesn't work. So I try using a little jury rig that I also found on Youtube to try to heat the solder. Still no video. It became clear that the Xbox 360 isn't the problem. I guess it's the AV cable. So I give up and take the Wii out that  brought with me to Dad's and connect that up to review Lego Batman 2. Then I realize it needs a nunchuck to play. I didn't bring a nun-chuck to my Dad's, and he isn't coming back until past midnight. So I have no ride, no way to play even a relatively recent game. and no video for Saturday morning. If you want a video of a game review, your going to have to wait a little longer. I am Sorry.

But for those of you waiting patiently for me to get my crap together, I would like to ask you a question that is probably more relevant to this blog then anything else I have asked you. I actually feel kinda bad for not thinking of this question earlier. 

What game would you like to see reviewed?

A student of my mother's suggested this, and I think it's a question worth asking. I am sick of tired of trying to put together last minute reviews of the latest games only to find a general lack of interest in it. 

So tell me; what video game would you like to see reviewed with my Seven Word Synopsis and witty banter?

It can be any game you like, from the AAA Call of Duty to the Steam Store indie game for $0.99.

If you really want to see me review your favorite game, please leave a comment in the section below and tell me which title(s) you would like to see either reviewed or re-examined if I gave it a review you didn't like. 

I already redid my Seven Word Synopsis for Batman: Arkham Asylum. I will gladly do the same for anyone else who would share their opinion politely. 

Thank you for your cooperation and patience :)

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