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Now that the holidays are officially over, I will now proceed to fill your broadband space with content concerning the interactive medium we call video games!

Since my comment repellant is still in full effect, I still didn't get a response to my request for recommendations.

Since none of you guys gave a particular request, it looks like I get to pick one for you; here's a review of the game

Never heard of it? Neither have I until I got a hold of this handy little video called "Games you might not have tried", courtesy of the guys and gals at Extra Credits.

Check it out here

Copyright disclaimer: I in no way own any part of this webseries. I just happen to be one of their fans and was inspired to write reviews because of them. 

to Allison, Dan, James, and Kate, take this for what it is; a tribute and a citation.

Okay, now that the legal jargon and proper praise is in order, let's start off this review right.

7WS: Seven Word Synopsis

Greatly Engaging

Minecraft Wannabe

Buy This Game

Okay, now that I put seven words towards the experience, now it is time to break down what I mean.

If you are satisfied with this, come back tomorrow as we delve into the gritty world of

If not, read on for a brief but in depth analysis for each aspect of the 7WS. Here we go.

Greatly Engaging

To be brief on what Terraria actually is, it is basically a 2D adventure game that, like Minecraft, takes place in a world in which you can add and remove blocks that make up the surrounding terrain. You break trees with an ax to gather wood blocks, you chip away stone with a pick ax to get stone blocks, etc. The idea is to survive and explore as long as possible as monsters attack you during the night. Unlike Minecraft, however, the game Terraria features items, weapons, and quests that make it feel like something more then just a virtual lego pile.
Nothing sparks the interest of the public like something that is built exclusively to engage you. Terraria succeeds where Minecraft can often fail only because of a few select design choices that makes the game even more fun then its predecessor that started it all.

You start with tools

You might notice in the interface that you always begin with three things; a sword, a pick ax, and a regular ax. They are weak as you grandma's gall bladder, of course, but they do work, and they can be exactly what you need in a pinch. The pressure is off as far as building a house is concerned, only because you don't need to worry about arming yourself through your crafting skills. You can fight monsters almost instantly, and when you do, you can gather items and coins from their dead bodies. The coins can be traded with certin NPCs for more tools, which allows you to build you inventory over time.

More Tools, weapons, and enemies.

Simply the fact that you can fight right away is a game changer. Mix that with the fact that it not only allows you, but sets you up with enemies (primarily, the jumping green slime) makes it feel more like a traditional platform adventrue game with block building elements rather then just a 2-D Minecraft mod. With wildly radical items like Boomerangs, shurikens, blowguns, and flaming arrows, you begin to get that nostalgic feeling you might get from playing one of those really good Mickey Mouse platformer games, where you were given different costumes that did different things. 
With this kind of "traditional gameplay" mixed in with crafting and building mechanics, I began to realize that this game had just as much in common with The Legend of Zelda 2: the adventure of Link (shown on right) as it did with Minecraft. You have an open world quest, side scrolling action, and special adventures and bosses. Really makes the experience it's own world. Literally
Simplified Recipies
Who hasn't been to the Minecraft wiki? I have, and it usually is because I can't figure out how to build something I need. If I have one block in the wrong place, I will not be able to build anything.

Not so with Terraria; building is streamlined, only because it is simple as having both ingredient A , B, C, etc.
No grid to get you mixed up!
The Depth is Amazing!

No getting bored of this game once you discover every monster; the details I have witnessed only scratch the surface of the game. Both figuratively and literally. There are countless quests, items, and features that become more and more available as you continue on. Reading the Wiki alone is an awe inspiring experience, and you will pee you pants in excitement as you learn just a few things you can do in this game.
Okay, that is the positive aspect of this game. Now lets move on to the negative.

Minecraft Wannabe

You may have noticed that I have been comparing this game to Minecraft a lot. You want to know why? because Terraria is to Minecraft what Eminem is to Vanilla Ice and the Iphone is to the first Blackberry smartphone; a well marketed variation of the same exact idea. Terraria is a great game, but part of what makes it so great is that it does the exact same thing Minecraft did and added it to an action platformer from the 1990s. Harsh, but true. 

Every core mechanic beyond the traditional, from the building and crafting to the day and night system, is borrowed if not downright copied from Minecraft. Even up and coming features of Minecraft, like the experience system and the enchanting of weapons and tools, seem to creep its way into the game like a vile, corrupting snake. While the game stands on its own feet really well, I wish I could see things that it did original that wasn't from circa 1995 and/or Mohang's masterpiece. I often feel that I can get just as much out of my existing copy of Minecraft and my virtual console on Wii that I get from Terraria. This shouldn't be a problem for casual players, who might not even know what I am talking about. But if you don't have a fresh look on adventure platformer games and/or Minecraft experiences, this game might seem like something you already have.

That's the negative. Now Here's what I recommend you do about it. 

Buy This Game

It's only ten dollars; five dollars, if you catch the holiday special. Do yourself a favor; Download Steam if you haven't already, go to their store, search for Terraria, and click buy. It is worth the small amount of money.

That's it for today. Tommorrow we will go over Hot Miami, as mentioned before.

Also remember; I do requests, so feel free to request a review of any video game you like in the comments section below. 

Have a good one, and enjoy playing your Christmas Presents!

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