Saturday, November 17, 2012

Video review is Postponed.

Sorry Guys and Gals,

The Easycap video capture device I'm using has been giving me greif all week; the audio driver is missing and I can't download it due to the new anti-piracy laws as of late. Thank you Uncle Sam.

I am going to need some serious editing and adjustments to make my footage into a video worth watching. If all goes well, it will be ready by tomorrow afternoon. I can't make any promises though; the sound I wound up with is terrible, and either needs serious tweaking or elimination. Probably the latter.

I also need to attend my mother's birthday party tomorrow. Promised her a hand made card and intend to keep that promise. I love my mom.

But fear not, those of you who read this humble blog regularly and diligently; good things come for those who wait. All I ask is that you wait a day or two for that video.

I will give you a sneak peak into it though; the game is AWESOME!

Details when I'm finished :)

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