Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Is Spec Ops right for you?(Quiz)

Spec Ops: the Line is like no other game you will play for a very long time. Not because the graphics are gorgeous, not because the game itself is a masterpeice. It's golden principle that makes this a must play game is the simple fact that it is not made just to have fun.

This is a game with an important message.

I won't give away what that message is this time (no spoilerz!) but I will give you some insight as to what this game is about and wheather or not you should fork forty dollars for it (cheap for a game, really).

How am I going to do this? Grab your pencils and paper, students! Its time to take the first evar

Game Review Quiz!

Today's Subject - Spec Ops:the Line

That's right; I will once gain go where no game reviewer has gone before, and instead of simply giving you reasons why or why not to buy this game, I will give you the chance to find out for yourself by answering five simple multiple-choice questions!

There are no right or wrong answers to this quiz. The results will reveal wheather or not you are likely to enjoy this game. The key word in italics is likely, and the next key word is enjoy. Spec Ops is kind of a depressing game...

We will go over the questions today, and I will reveal the answers in my next post. Here we go...

Question 1: Have you watched Apocolypse Now, and/or have read the book Heart of Darkness? If so, did you enjoy it? If not, would you want to read or watch either?

a) yes, and I loved it!

b) yes, but it wasn't my cup of tea

c) no, but they sound interesting.

d) no and I don't plan to. Got a MW3 tournament this weekend.

Question 2: Did you ever play Gears of War? If you did, do you enjoy it? If not, would you buy it?

a) yeah, I love GOW! bought every game!

b)yeah, and it sucks the big one!

c) no, but I want to buy it sometime!

d) no, and I don't want to buy it. EVER!

Question 3: How important are graphics in a game?

a) they are everything in a game.

b) good games sometimes have bad graphics

c)good games don't need good graphics

d) who cares about graphics besides technophiles?

Question 4: Do games always need to be fun?

a) Of course they do, you dumb S***!

b) Games should be fun, more often then not.

c) Games don't always need to be fun.

d) the Game industry's reliance on fun is holding it back as a whole.

Question 5: Is there something wrong with the shooting games of today?

a) Of course there are; don't you watch the news?!

b) Shooting games aren't all bad, but they desperately need improvement.

c) Shooting games are fine.

d) WTF? Are you dissing my favorite game?!

Answer the above questions truthfully as possible, then write them down. Check out the post "Quiz Answers Revealed" through the blog archive above to see what your answers mean, and if Spec Ops is worth picking up.

Next week will be my first video review. The subject....

Until Next Time!

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