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Quiz Answers Revealed

Pencils down, kiddies. Time to reveal wheather or not

Spec Ops: The Line is right for YOU!

If you are reading this first, I strongly suggest you click on this link and read the questions first.
"Is Spec Ops Right for You?(Quiz) 

There are only five questions, and there are no right or wrong answers. This is just a test to see
if Spec Ops: The Line is the kind of game you want to buy/rent/borrow/play period.

I did the review in this format mostly due to the controversial and nuanced form of engagement that this game offers. I find it much to my liking, and as a good departure from the rut most triple A titles tend to suffer from. But this is my opinion, not fact. Answering these questions will clarify your opinions on the controversies that come from this game, and should offer insight as to weather or not you actually want to play this or if this just isn't your cup of tea.

For each question, I will list what each answer means for you. The answers to each question will be lettered in red.

Here we go:

Question 1: Have you watched Apocolypse Now, and/or have read the book Heart of Darkness? If so, did you enjoy it? If not, would you want to read or watch either?

I made this question based both on my research of the game and my basic observations while playing it; I have seen Apocalypse Now! (great movie) and saw some stark similarities between the game and the film. You play as the commander of a three man squad of a crack team of special operatives, sent to the sand-blasted city of Dubai in search for a rouge commander gone missing. You soon learn the ugly truth behind what is going on and the horrors that is both war and humanity. Apocalypse Now! is the same basic set-up, except the target is in Vietnam. Both works are based off of the book Heart of Darkness, and relate the horrors of war as the center of darkness in the wilderness. It is grim, it is not fun, but it sure as hell is engaging.

a) yes, and I loved it! The dark message doesn't seem to bother you, if it doesn't encourage you outright. The subject matter is obviously well-suited to you, as is the type of engagement. Spec Ops: The Line might be just the kind of game you are looking for. This is obviously something your used to.

b) yes, but it wasn't my cup of tea. Obviously, this kind of dark allegorical story isn't something you find engaging, and Spec Ops:The Line is the kind of game not meant for players like you. I'm glad you gave both the movie and/or the book a chance, but the game hits retail at about $39.99. Unless you can rent it or get a great deal on it, I wouldn't even bother looking at it if I were you.

c) no, but they sound interesting. Buckle up your seat belt, partner; your in for one hell of a ride! This might mean you will enjoy it more then anybody who did NOT answer c, only because you have the benefit of surprise. And believe me, this game is full of surprises; mainly, the nasty kind...

d) no and I don't plan to. Got a MW3 tournament this weekend. Even though the last sentence of this answer was obviously a joke, it does allude to the reason I made this quiz; a lot of players just want to shoot stuff. You obviously have not read Heart of Darkness or watched Apocalypse Now! and you don't seem to show much interest in doing either. You seem like the kind of audience most developers would target; adrenaline junkies who like to frag noobs online. Spec Ops:The Line is a great game, but it's biggest weaknesses are its graphics and multi-player mode. This game was not made with you in mind. 

Question 2: Did you ever play Gears of War? If you did, do you enjoy it? If not, would you buy it?

The game Spec Ops:The Line is a continuation of a game franchise that hasn't been released since the Playstation 1 era. The team that designed it, Yeager, knew that they could never compete with games like Call of Duty or Battlefield without going way over budget. So they took a move novel approach; abandoned game mechanics for a new type of engaging yet disturbing gameplay. This is not a game for you kids.
    That being said, if I had to compare the actual "game" to anything on the market now, it would be Gears of War. Your preference and experience with said game will apply to this one very easily.

a) yeah, I love GOW! bought every game! You will find the basic button layout and cover mechanics intuitive and second nature. You might enjoy it the most, since this takes the game play you find the most comfortable, and puts it in a more grim, realistic setting. If you can tolerate the watered down control scheme and the somewhat unrefined graphic quality, you are in for a treat.

b)yeah, and it sucks the big one! You obviously played GOW and did not like it. This game plays very similar to GOW. Buy something else.

c) no, but I want to buy it sometime! Try this game instead. It's cheaper, and has a much better story to it.

d) no, and I don't want to buy it. EVER! This depends on why you would pick this answer. If it's because you don't like action games, then don't pick Spec Ops. If it is because you think the story for GOW stunk, then you need to at least give this game a try. you will not be dissapointed.

Question 3: How important are graphics in a game?

This question is pretty self explanatory. The game has good graphics, but not nearly as good as other action games of its kind. If you are the kind of player who would rather watch something pretty then be engaged through controversial subject matter, you might want to check the answers on this. Remember; pick the answer that is right for YOU!

a) they are everything in a game. The developers at Yeager games had not the budget or the technology to meet your expectations. Try something else.

b) good games sometimes have bad graphics If you can tolerate something that does not look like COD, this is definitely a game worth your time.

c)good games don't need good graphics This is your game. Rent to for the weekend.

d) who cares about graphics besides technophiles?  If more people felt like you did, Okami would be a best selling game. Buy it.

Question 4: Do games always need to be fun?

If there is anything you can take away from this article and others like it, it is this; Spec Ops:The Line was not meant to be a fun game. This game engages the player with sorrow, horror, controversy, and profound messages. If you can't buy into that, don't buy the game.

a) Of course they do, you dumb S***! Go play Call of Duty instead

b) Games should be fun, more often then not. Try renting it, and see if its worth buying

c) Games don't always need to be fun. Buy it.

d) the Game industry's reliance on fun is holding it back as a whole. Buy it right now, and write a review on blogger!

Question 5: Is there something wrong with the shooting games of today?

This question is meant to measure one thing and one thing only; your tolerance for controversy. If you are the kind of person who thinks that games are "just a game" and "only meant to be fun" then you will not agree with this game's message. If you are willing to let go of the fact that you played COD:MW and GOW for half of your lifetime and they did not necessarily imply the best of what games have to offer, you will find the message in this game moving.

a) Of course there are; don't you watch the news?! I am surprised you would even read an article like this. Do keep in mind that despite its controversial content, this game actually agrees with you; this is a shooting game made to critique other shooting games. Enjoy the message, if you can.

b) Shooting games aren't all bad, but they desperately need improvement. I have one word for what this game will offer you, kind sir or madam; Vindication!

c) Shooting games are fine. Then you will disagree with the folks at Yeager.

d) WTF? Are you dissing my favorite game?! Quit trolling and GTFO. This is not your game.

Hope these results give you an idea as to what this game is about. If you think you can handle mediocre gameplay with a bold, controversial message that isn't fun but engaging, you would want to buy this game.

If not, either rent it or leave it for someone else.

Seven Word Synopsis

Engaging Game

Controversial Subjects

Pick with Care.

That's all I got for now. Join me on Saturday for my first ever video review.

Once again the subject is

Until next time.

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