Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Write a Game Review for Dishonored

           For those of you who have read my previous article;welcome back!

           For those of you searching for a way to make a game review, you can make a review of the game below by CLICKING THIS LINK. This will send you to a ten question survey. I will post the names and results of each and every person who completes this survey on my next post. If you want me to link it to a website, please let me know in the comments section below OR email me at

As for those of you who have kept with me, some of you might have noticed that my last review of said game was a little harsh. I did not recieve any negative comments about this matter, for which I am grateful.

It would be a nice looking kill if the animation wasn't so sloppy
That being said; speak up. I understand that Dishonored and other games like it have their strong points and their weak points. You can make a survey above if you want, or just leave a comment in the space below. Don't be shy :)

As a collary to that statment, I will not apologize for my rough treatment. We as gamers and consumers need to hold supposed triple A titles like Dishonored to a higher level. The Walking Dead (the game, not the show) is reaching this level with character conflict and meaningful experiences. Uncharted 3 is making gaming history with its movie-esque quality and performances. Dishonored  Plays more like a game from 1999. It would have made gaming history in that era. 

I know that by most standards Dishonored is a good game; many other mainstream reviewers would gladly argue it's a great game, and they often have a point. Reguardless, the first five minutes were predictable, most of the game was a toss up between combat kills, stealth kills, and simple puzzles. Is it a good game? Arguable. Is it the super-spectacle they promised us at E3? I disagree. Take it or leave it.

Anyway, here is my

 Seven Word Synopsis

Solid Play

Sloppy Design

Just Rent it

There you have it: its not the worst game you will play by a longshot; just don't let E3 influence your decision in buying it. 

Tommorow I will post something special for you and your non-gamer fans out there-while playing the game on the right for review.

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