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Top ten best moments in Uncharted 3

Hello everyone. My name is Timothy Ryan Scully, and this is my video game review site.

I call this site "Review of Ryan" not because it is a review about me; I know for a fact you got better things to do then to read about how much I hate homework. Life is complicated enough without reading someone else's worries. I merely call it that because "Ryan's Reviews" is already taken.

The only thing being reviewed in this blog are the things I love most; Video games!

Today's game up for review is... (drum roll please)...

You guessed it

Now that we got the corny introduction out of the way, lets get down to the business of the review. Since I like to do things a little differently, and enjoy being easy to find on Google, I think we will begin this review with something that is a little odd for a game review, yet all too common for the internet at large.

Namely, a Top Ten list.

Since this is a fresh blog, we will start on a relatively positive note, mostly by listing

The Top Ten Best Moments in Uncharted 3.

Uncharted 3 is by no means a perfect game. Reviews wouldn't be of much use if any game was. The following moments listed here are specific scenes, mechanics, and events that are found within the game that I find to be most remarkable. If all goes well, you'll be seeing another post about some of the worst things in this game. For now, glean the good parts of this game when you consider whether to buy this game in stores.

Keep in mind that there are some spoilers in this review, and each moment that does so is marked 
SPOILER ALERT like so. Enjoy the review, and leave your comments below.

#10: Gunfights while Climbing. Its a little campy, true, and its just about the only new mechanic in the game. But we don't gauge Uncharted 3 by its game play; its the story and cinematics that count. That being said, its nice to shoot at things from a different perspective.

#9:Groin Kicking! Lets face it; its just plain awesome to make a seven foot tall muscle man hold his junk in pain.

#8: Running from the water. Few scenes make your adrenaline pump like dashing for your life from an oncoming flood in a capsizing boat. Be even better if it didn't seem more like a borrowed Hollywood cliche'.

#7:Bathroom Brawl. Beating the crap out of someone in the mens room has become something of a cliche' in video games as of late. Making the guy your facing taller then you does mix things up quite nicely.

#6:Drake and Sully's past. Nothing makes a story worthwhile then getting to know your protagonists. Its about time they showed us who it is we're playing as. Makes Marlowe seem even nastier too.

#5:Charlie Cutter's Brute Force Method.
Charlie Cutter is a character that gamers will remember for a long time. I already see several fan arts on Google images, and it's obvious the design team wanted us to feel for him. One scene, which I am unable to show you as of yet, you get to climb up a drainage pipe to try and unlock a gate from the other side, only to discover that Charlie broke it with one shove. Way to defy expectations, Naughty Dog!

#4:Marlowe's final quote. SPOILER ALERT 

"Prove your worthy of the name Drake!"

"I got nothing to prove."

Classic Dialogue.

#3:Introduction to Charlie. No better way to introduce a character then a good old fashioned plot twist. Makes for a dramatic opening for the game as well.

#2:Charlie's Phobia. SPOILER ALERT 
This is what makes games like Uncharted 3 worth buying. Very rarely do you see such time and effort built into creating an encounter. This not only made Charlie a well rounded character, but made the fact that he was being brainwashed seem all the more dire. In particular, when you realize he needs to traverse tight spaces...


#1:Death of Sully. This last statement may seem like a spoiler all by itself. It's not, and I dare you to find out why. But until you do, know that this is one of the best scenes in all of video game history... and only gets better.

That's it for right now. Next week, you will get to see the top ten worst moments in Uncharted 3. Read that before you go out and buy the game.

Until next time!

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