Tuesday, January 29, 2013

1000 hits!!!

I can't believe it. After leaving my site unattended for nearly a month, I am still getting hits.

What's more; I continue to amass hits. Ridiculous hits, with the way I haven't been updating. I got 25 hits today and I didn't even post anything yet. this is my first post in months. I guess that means there is only one thing to say...

Thank You. All of you. For all of your support.

When I first started to make this blog, I wasn't even sure what I wanted out of it. I figured that mabye I would have fun with it, just have a few laughs and make a few interesting comments. Then I noticed more and more hits, and I thought maybe I could do more. And then I realized that no one seemed to comment on my work, and for the first time I doubted myself. I thought no one truly appreciated what I did here.

Thank you for proving me wrong.

For your dedicated support, I will give you a rare treat; a brief fable that serves as an analogy to the video game, and what makes it more awesome then most other activities. Enjoy!

            There once were two innkeepers, who ran taverns on each side of the road. The one on the east side was jolly, friendly, and interesting.. The one on the west side was more practical. Both had excellent taverns with delicious mead and comfortable beds. Both had a big sign on each of their taverns. Both were men who worked hard and served their customers well. But the practical innkeeper noticed that more and more travelers seemed to come to his competitors tavern then to his own. 
             He tried making a bigger sign, making the beds even more softer, and making even more delicious mead. But that only seemed to make the other tavern more and more popular. The practical innkeeper got very frustrated  and decided to investigate what was going on before he lost his business. So he went to the jolly innkeeper's tavern on the west side of the road. The first thing the jolly innkeeper did when he walked in the door was ask the practical innkeeper "what would you like?"
            The practical innkeeper decided to be coy, and said what he thought a normal customer would say to such a question. "What do you mean, what do I want?! I want a soft bed, and delicious mead! Why ask such an inane question? That's what it says on your sign, right?"
            "I'm sorry sir," the jolly innkeeper apologized, "It's just that not everyone wants the same thing. Some people want mead, others wine, others song, and some just want bread. Same for a bed; some want a softer bed, others a hard bed, and some need no bed at all. Everyone chooses what they want; I only make those options available. As for my sign, it only says one thing-"

Better options make for a better experience!

For those you wondering what this story has to do with video games, here's another seven word synopsis to explain:

Video Games 
Rock Because
Choices are available!

the jolly innkeeper is the game industry; the practical one is other entertainment industries. The customers are the consumers. it illustrates the point above. 

Hope you enjoyed this little tribute. For those of you wondering what I am working on, here is the logo that's going to be on my new site.

If you have any suggestions or ideas, leave them in the comments.

Otherwise, see you soon!

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